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#WELLBEING #HEALTH, The CEO of NARL SPECIALIST CLINIC at the touch of the button

They have made name and the really care for your wellbeing, NARL SPECIALIST CLINIC is at your service when it comes to wellbeing issues. . . . . Quality certified products that can prevent and hinder that nasty ailment that wont let you be, the success stories behind all their herbal remedies are all over […]

URBAN AGRIC Part 5 with Tomi Olatoye

Don’t ever miss our URBAN AGRIC series with Tomi Olatoye, the urban agric. influencer. The series are always loaded with accurate information and investment opportunities in the agricultural sector.

The 1st Prof Hezekiah Adedunmola Oluwasanmi Foundation lecture, Dec, 2018

Prof. Hezekiah Adedunmola Oluwasanmi was the Vice – Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University from 1966 to 1975, a product of Harvard University was a Professor of Agricultural Economics that spent the greater part of his life to serve humanity. 35 years after his demise, his family and close friends set up a legacy project in […]

URBAN AGRIC Part 4 with OLUWATOMI OLATOYE, an urban agric influencer.

Learning how to eat right and at the same time making money from agriculture as an urban dweller. Always watch our Urban Agric series with our in house expert.

Urban Agric PART 3, with Oluwatomi Olatoye, urban agric influence

Oluwatomi Olatoye ,Founder, CENTRE FOR URBAN AGRIC. DEVELOPMENT is all out to help you eat right and at the same time make money in Agriculture. Enjoy her series on ENTREPRENEUSE CHANNEL TV.


Making money in Agriculture as an urban dweller is getting simpler by day, follower Oluwatomi Olatoye on this segment and learn through the rope !


URBAN AGRIC is the way to go for city dwellers, plant your own food and increase your savings. Urban agric helps families in feeding well and staying healthy. Never miss our URBAN AGRIC half an hour programs with the Ceo of GREENGOLD TEAS AND SPICES AND THE FOUNDER OF CENTRE FOR URBAN AGRIC AND DEVELOPMENT […]

URBAN AGRIC is the way to go! ‘Tomi Olatoye of GREENGOLD TEAS AND SPICES is here to put you through

The founder of CENTRE FOR URBAN AND AGRIC. DEVELOPMENT {CUAD} Oluwatomi Olatoye is in the house teaching us how to make money as an urban farmer and how to eat right and stay healthy. Those containers in your house should be bringing in money for you or what do you think?